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Solitude - Designed in Antwerp

Trésors Cachés

With our new collection of ‘Trésors Cachés’, we would like to highlight the concept of identity.

Identity being something we all possess and something which is different, unique and special in its own way with everyone.


There are alot of things in this realm, which we call our world, that inherently prevent us from being who we really are. We all have to overcome these feelings and push ourselves into the right direction. Because it has to be realised that what we have within us, is the infinite source of identity.


You will miss out on the very bottom aspects of life if you do not dare to jump into something which seems like an infinite void for many.

If you dare to take this very jump, you will find virtues such as patience, self-love and courage. Expand your borders, and become comfortable doing so.

For it will make you unstoppable.