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Solitude - Designed in Antwerp

What is Solitude?


Solitude is a phase. A phase between downfall and success. A phase in which other people’s acceptance is not critical to your well-being. It all starts with you. Finding your own worth and beginning to give yourself the love you deserve. Develop your self-love and self-care. Give yourself time to think about your choices and goals. Give yourself time to heal after a setback and learn from your mistakes.

Only by falling we know how to stand strong. Only by feeling pain we know what happiness is.

This transition is valuable and we should appreciate it more.

Solitude stands for the development of yourself by getting to know yourself better. To be more in touch with who you truly are. Looking at the inside of yourself by simply finding your rest. Learn to appreciate this time and you will become stronger, more thought- and insightful about what your own dreams and aspirations are. We never claimed it to be easy, it is only for those who are willing to expand their conciousness.

Don’t resist, don’t force. Do your best and never give up. Allow to let in, allow to go. The stronger you become with time the better you can help those who need someone’s love and help. Bring value in everything you say and everything you do.

After all, the only thing we have is time. Remeniscing about how to spend it wisely, is probably the most underrated activity of our time.


Let this improve your bad days and hard periods. Together we can make the best of it.


Welcome to our journey,







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